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Dream Help Soar 

Strategy Network:  On Purpose

Can a company have a heart and soul ... feel, empathize, have true compassion ... use those emotions as a catalyst for contributing to the better good? At Strategy Network, we think so. 

Say hello to SN On Purpose.

After a decade of providing award-winning marketing services for
our clients and partners in the for-profit arena, we are driven to use
our talents and experience to support organizations which exist to help those in need.

Non-profits are a vital part of our society. The people they support through their services and care reflect one of the most basic responsibilities of a community:  that those who have ... support those who need. They support those with extraordinary challenges, those who suffer from physical or mental illnesses and those who have lost their way.

Yet too often, the resources available for non-profits to survive and thrive are just not enough. So the question becomes, how do we accomplish more with what we have?

Enter SN On Purpose:  Our goal is to validate, affirm and lift non-profits
to a level of recognition and professionalism that will empower them to make even bigger differences in the lives they touch.

Whether the need is for a comprehensive marketing strategy, fundraising, donor relationship management, website redesign, incorporating social media or an identity makeover, SN On Purpose will support your organization in reaching significantly higher levels of marketing, fundraising and communications success.

Our purpose is supporting your purpose: to do what your heart and soul were created to do.

That's our heart and soul.

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